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Focusing on What is Essential in 2021- A New Year Note from a Professional Home Organizer

Hello World!

I don’t know about you, but it only now feels appropriate to wish everyone a happy new year. 2020 felt so long, that it took a whole month for 2021 to finally kick in.

For many, 2020 is a four-lettered word that they hope they’ll never hear again. It was a year that gave rise to three-word catchphrases that defined the times: Shelter in place. Six feet apart. Work from home. Black Lives Matter. Madam Vice President. And while the news cycle offered one new headline after another, I kept coming back to meditate on one word in particular: essential.

Who are the essential people in your life who bring you a sense of connectedness and safety? What are the essential routines that keep you grounded? What are the essential items that provide you with energy and strength? Which bring you joy, calm, or perhaps even purpose?

As hard as it has been for me not to be in clients’ homes this past year helping them organize and make room for what and whom is essential to their wellbeing, I am thankful to 2020 for revealing the power an organized home has to bring us a sense of inner peace, especially during times of great uncertainty. For me, 2020 was also the ultimate exercise in letting go. As a professional organizer, I am well-practiced in releasing physical items that no longer serve me, but letting go of the big plans I had to help more Angelenos transform their spaces was tough. It took me until the end of the year to make peace with the fact that I had to leave my old-school, analog ways of engaging and working with clients in the Before Times.

Here’s the magical thing: cnce you let go of the past, you are free to embrace possibility...and, friends, I am so excited to embrace you virtually and help you as you simplify your living space! I hope that in these socially distanced times, this blog will bring us together to contemplate essential questions about the relationship between organization and wellness. For those of you who crave accountability on your organizing journey, desire to understand the root cause of your clutter, and wish to transform your relationship with your things, I am thrilled to introduce my 1-on-1 online organizational coaching program. More on that later! For now, I just want to ring in the new year and wish you all health, peace, and abundance in 2021!

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