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It's Not Your Clutter, It's You - Real Talk from a Professional Home Organizer

Does it ever feel like clutter's sole purpose in life is to infiltrate your home, camouflage itself among truly delightful and useful objects, stealthily propagate, and drive you crazy by locking you into an endless cycle of cluttering and decluttering?!

Well, here's the thing. Clutter doesn't have an M.O. It's not working some strategic angle. The reason that clutter exists is because we've allowed it into our lives. Not what you wanted to hear, I know. As humans, we don't prefer to see the messy sides of ourselves. We don't like to admit that we are responsible for clutter that has accumulated in our homes and the adverse effect that it's having on our happiness and ability to feel light. It's easier to blame not having enough time to tidy or not having a big enough home or even resign to the belief that Clutter-with-a-capital-C is a force greater than gravity, than to confront our relationship with material things. Unfortunately, if we never open our eyes to the root cause of our clutter nor own up to the role we play in our living environment, we are bound to keep attempting one ineffective organizational system after another.

I have good news: our minds are more powerful than our clutter. We can root it out and stop it in its tracks by first recognizing all its forms, as well as the unhelpful thought patterns that keep it in our lives. Over the next few posts, I will be introducing you to your clutter! I hope that by being able to name the problem, you'll begin to feel empowered to address it.

Who’s ready to put mind over matter?


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