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The Make Room Philosophy

Hi, I’m Monica, and I’m a former nomad turned professional homebody.  I love my home, and if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve made it my mission to help others feel recharged by theirs, I’d probably never step foot outside my door.  I have lived in many an apartment and made multiple moves across the country, as well as around the globe.  Through the repeated exercise of packing my life into boxes and confronting my things, I realized the cost of physical and emotional clutter, and I learned this key to simple living: fill your cup, not your home.  The objects within your house should not overwhelm you.  Instead, they should support you in being the best version of yourself.  This is my secret to feeling at home, no matter where I am.  Whether you’re taking stock of everything because of a major life event or because you have arrived at a point where you are ready to re-evaluate your living space, I want to help you check in with yourself and clear out the clutter.


People often assume a clutter-free life means living minimally, but I live as a maximalist who celebrates the Abundance in my life as often as I can. The less time spent tied up in mundane chores or searching for missing items, the more love I can pour into what truly matters to me:

pop in.JPG

spending quality time with quality people and causes, enjoying slow breakfasts, and keeping my houseplants happy. Living lighter is not about restricting your possessions to a certain number; it’s about reaching a feeling of balance.  Organization is not simply about labeling a jar or basket; it’s about identifying your priorities.  By organizing our living space mindfully, we also allow our inner worlds to thrive. We begin to move away from the material and make room for the relationships and experiences that are most important to us. We make room to breathe and room to be. 


If you are ready to take a proactive role in clearing out excess physical and mental clutter, I am here to partner with you. I will:

  • help you transform your relationship with your things. 

  • help you identify what is serving you and what no longer has a place in your home.

  • design functionally beautiful systems that are tailored to you and easy to maintain. 

  • teach you mindful practices to help you upkeep your home long after our partnership.

Together, we will enrich your life by simplifying it.

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