Some say I’m a minimalist. I am not. If anything, I’m a maximalist striving to maximize the time I spend with all that I love: human connection, fresh flowers, breakfast, travel.   If we’re lucky, life is long, but even then it’s too short to spend it constantly looking for keys, feeling overwhelmed both at home and work, or hanging onto regret. Wouldn’t you agree?

Once upon a time, I was a New Yorker who became very adept at squirreling away items that I had to keep.  Like a lot of my clients, I experienced my attachment to people and the past through material things.  I mean, I was the girl who helped her friends with closet cleans but somehow ended up taking bags of clothes home with me.  I justified keeping things with all the usual reasons: “That was from that one awesome girls’ trip back in the day…I haven’t used that in forever, but someday I might...So and so gave that to me...” But then I took a half-year hiatus and I went backpacking. During those six months, I quickly began to see how few creature comforts I actually needed and how easily I could literally lighten my load while simultaneously filling my heart with nutritious relationships formed over savory meals and magenta-hued sunsets.  

Upon my return Stateside, I re-evaluated everything that I pulled out of storage and realized that so much of it was clutter that was pulling me away from the present. Between that first big adventure and two subsequent moves across the Pacific Ocean, I’ve enriched my life by simplifying it! I’ve learned that when an item becomes nothing more than a placeholder, it’s time to let go of the thing and reach for the relationship or the experience that it represents.


Today, I want to invite you to embrace this simple yet life-giving mantra: make room. Our physical environments have a profound impact on our internal spaces, both emotional and mental.  As such, bringing order to your home becomes one of the greatest acts of self-care that you can take. By organizing our living spaces mindfully, we clear a space in which to organize our thoughts and feelings.  We begin to make room for those that are most important to us. We make room to breathe and room to be. We make room to live with intention.

Come, let’s bring about meaningful change together.