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5 Reasons Clutter Stresses You Out and Why You Should Declutter Now

Every now and then, I'll be working with a client who feels so intimidated by the thought of decluttering that they will use the logic, "I've always been disorganized and I've gotten this far in life. Maybe my clutter is what makes me who I am and maybe I'd actually be LESS productive if my life were organized" to avoid addressing their clutter. As a Professional Home Organizer and Clutter Coach, it is my responsibility to call B.S. Yes, you are an amazing human being who has done and will continue to do amazing things with your life. But you got here because you are kind, capable, creative, resilient, and resourceful–not because your clutter brought out the best in you.

No matter how accustomed to or unaffected by clutter we believe ourselves to be, the truth is that clutter stresses us out. It is not "good" for us, and here's why:

1. Clutter is assaulting your senses and unnecessarily kicking them into overdrive. Your brain becomes drained trying to read, register, and respond to all the stimuli.

2. Clutter tells your brain “Your work is not done here” and you become anxious wondering how long it will take to declutter and organize. As a result, it’s hard to relax in your own home.

3. Clutter makes you feel guilt (e.g. “I should be more organized.”) and shame (e.g. “Omg. I can’t let people see my home like this. What will they think?”).

4. Clutter makes it physically hard for you to find the things you need and you waste your time looking for it. Thus, you constantly feel behind or rushed.

5. Clutter usurps open mental and emotional space that your brain needs for creativity, brainstorming, problem solving, and rest.

Folks, we are living through one of THE most stressful periods of human history and none of us can not afford to let our own homes stress us out even more than these times already are. To start staying Saner At Home, declutter and simplify your space by letting go of stuff that no longer serves a purpose in your life, so that you have energy to devote to the people and activities that do matter (e.g. survival). If you need help figuring out where to start, get a copy of your Spring-O Bingo board here. Use it to walk around your home and identify what material and mental clutter you're ready to let go of. Get your Spring Cleaning and Organizing on today!


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