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Newsflash: You're Not Disorganized. You Just Have Too Much Stuff.

Here's a radical thought (and probably not one you expect to hear from a Professional Organizer): you’re not disorganized; you have too much stuff.

Have you spent countless hours of your life organizing and reorganizing, shuffling items from the living room to the garage and then from the garage to a paid storage unit, and combing Amazon for that one revolutionary solution that will help you maximize your space, only to feel like you can never get over the hump? I feel your pain, and I so badly want to help make the pain go away. In order to do that, as a Professional Organizer and Clutter Coach, I first need you to make a commitment to letting go of everything that no longer has a place in your life. I need you to believe that all you need is less.

Lately, I’ve received lots of interest from folks who have been inspired by the Netflix show, Get Organized with the Home Edit. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the show follows a team of professional organizers as they help clients wrangle their stuff and transform rooms that have no rhyme or reason into tidied, functional, and colorful spaces. While the business’ name underscores the most important step of the organizing process, EDITING, I think that as a viewer of the show, it’s easy to get swept away by the final results and gloss over the fact that without massive reduction of items, these dramatic transformations would not be possible.

In truth, it’s not the neatly labeled containers that make the room (though they certainly help create physical and visual access to items); it’s the removal of clutter that creates the breathing room. And, just as importantly, it’s the clutter management that maintains the breathing room.

If you have challenges with decluttering and managing the inflow and outflow of stuff, here’s another radical idea: maybe you need a clutter coach. Not a professional organizer, but a clutter coach. A mindful clutter coach like myself will help you:

  • Understand the root cause of your overconsumption and clutter

  • Rewrite the story that keeps you attached to things you’ve clearly outgrown

  • Set achievable goals for tackling your clutter so you can make room for what really matters

  • Find the right words so you can communicate to friends and family about how best to support you in your decluttering journey

  • Celebrate how you’re DOING THE WORK

To speak in greater depth about your clutter-busting needs, book a complimentary phone consultation! This may be the call that changes your life.


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