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A Professional Organizer's Answer to "Can You Recommend Storage Solutions?"

The most common question new clients ask me before I’ve even seen their space is “Can you recommend products?” For those of you who are familiar with me and my process, you know the core pillars of my organizing philosophy:

  • Everything you need, you (most likely) already have.

  • Everyone and everything in your life must earn its place.

  • Another basket or bin is not going to save you!

In my opinion, for a storage solution to truly be a solution, it should be helpful in the following ways:

  • It adds structure, which helps keep your space tidy with minimal effort. Have you ever experienced the avalanche that results from trying to pull a sweater from the bottom of a stack of folded pullovers? Everything comes undone and you have to live with a snowdrift of knits on your closet floor and go fishing for tops in a pile of clothes until you have time to fold everything again (and that can be a long time for busy folks)! Can we all agree that this is no way to live? In any situation, depending on your space, what you already have, and how much you declutter, there are many solutions available to you. The best part is you may already possess these solutions. Some organizational solutions that add structure to a space: the art of the file fold, drawer inserts, shelves, shelf dividers, hangers.

  • It offers ease of physical access to your stuff, so you can actually get to it and use it. Think about the food that gets shoved to the very back of your deep pantry shelves. It disappears and only re-emerges once it's past its expiration date! If you're tired of this sort of waste, it's time to solve for greater accessibility. Some organizational solutions that make it easier to reach your items: shelves, pull out drawers, turn tables, risers, bins and baskets that are used as drawers.

  • It offers you quick visual access to your stuff, so you remember and know what you have. There's a reason for the saying "Out of sight, out of mind." If you cannot seeing your belongings, it is so darn easy to forget you even own them. That's not to say that everything needs to be all out in open. Quite to the contrary, you can contain your items while quickly assessing what you have. Some organizational solutions that make it easier to see your stuff: labels, the art of the file fold, clear jars and canisters, file folders, hangers.

All this to say, to achieve organization, you don’t need to go out and buy ALL the shelves, dividers, bins, and baskets. One thoughtful solution could make all the difference. As a professional organizer and clutter coach, I'm here to provide guidance on what the simplest solution might be and to help you harness the power of a good basket. If you're ready to simplify and start living with more ease, reach out!


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