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Do You Need a Professional Organizer or Clutter Coach?

Hey there! If you’re unsure whether you need a Professional Organizer or a Clutter Coach, this post is designed to walk you through the difference between my services. Everyone deserves to have a clutter-free, organized home, but we all have different lifestyles...that’s why I have created both of these services to BEST support your needs.

Service Style

My Home Organizing service is largely a do-it-for-you service. I develop a sense of your organizational needs and get to work create systems within your home for you. With Clutter Coaching, you do the work and I support you through it. You will be learning how to manage your stuff through the first-hand experience of confronting your belongings, getting to the root cause of the clutter, and actively making decisions about what you’d like to keep in your home. As your coach, I will keep you accountable with regular check-ins and cheer you on all the way to organization!


When I don my Professional Organizer hat, I always encourage clients to let go of items before beginning to organize, but in this role l primarily focus on how to logically store all your belongings. In contrast, when I coach, we will focus on your relationship with your stuff and help you develop an awareness around why you accumulate clutter and help you develop mindful habits for curating and maintaining items in your living space.


An organizer’s main tools are bins and labels to help orient you around your newly organized space, while as a coach, I use mindset shift and habit formation to help you keep clutter to a minimum.

Longevity of Relationship

While you’re likely to have me back in your home to help you declutter and do some seasonal organization when you hire me as a Professional Organizer, my aim as a Clutter Coach is to educate and empower you with lifelong skills to organize your space, end the Consume-Clutter-Declutter Cycle, and prevent clutter from building up again on your own.

Client Engagement

Though there are no hard and fast rules here, I’d say that my Home Organizing service is designed to support you in your busiest moments and through life and seasonal changes. Whether you have a baby on the way, are moving, adjusting to an empty nest, or need help swapping your Fall/Winter wardrobe for your Spring/Summer gear, I am here to create an intuitive and calming space for you. Meanwhile, my Clutter Coaching service is designed to help you create change that you can sustain on your own and is a good fit for those who have time to dedicate to working through their living space.


Home Organizing is an in-person service and is therefore only available to clients residing in the Greater Los Angeles area. The beauty of Clutter Coaching is that it happens virtually, so we can work together from different time zones, and just as importantly, we can work at a pace that feels manageable for you.

If you're still debating which service makes the most sense for you, let's schedule a Compatibility Call and see how we can get you organized!


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